No Anaesthesia


A frustrated man makes the most of a corrupt politician's misfortune. 

Catastrophe strikes in Caldona, leaving the village distraught. Deeply affected, Dr. Anthony Thomas numbs himself in his work when the corrupt local politician Kalyan Gaonkar arrives at his clinic with a problem only he can solve. Seizing the day the doctor delivers his own form of poetic justice.

Played at NYIFF 2016. Shortlisted for Filmfare Short Film Awards 2017.



Nisar is about a young couple's struggle with modern love in feudal India. Deep in the villages of rural India, tearing modernity collides with patriarchal tradition. Caught in the crossfire the passionate young couple confront deep fear and deeper truths.

A moody edge of the seat thriller, the script was selected for the Sundance-Drishyam Screenwriters Lab 2016. Currently we are looking for funding.

The Sunset Club

The Sunset Club is an adapted screenplay from Khushwant Singh's last fictional novel of the same name. The sunset year in the lives of three unlikely friends reveals a lifetime of companionship beyond differences. Set in New Delhi, three octogenarians - Pandit Preetam Sharma, Nawab Barkatullah Baig Dehalvi and Sardar Boota Singh, have spent their evenings together at Lodhi Gardens. The film is a titillating mix of past and present, capturing Delhi, India, like no other film has, from the eyes of an old lover.

A ribald comedy, the script was selected for the NFDC Screenwriters Lab 2014. Currently we are looking for funding.